Wearing a dress can make you feel like a princess. Dresses exude so much grace and femininity, and wearing them can make your body look super flattering. However, there are several other ways you can style a dress and make it look more than just girly? Keep reading to find out how you can style a dress in different ways. 

Dress hacks to keep in mind.

Wear a hat 

There is nothing like wearing a dress and a hat to the beach. This look looks good on everyone, and it is considered stylish. If you are tired of wearing a dress and wish to make it look like something more than that, try wearing a hat over your dress. It makes for the perfect brunch outfit or even for a day at the beach. 

Tuck it in 

If you have a body con dress, you can wear it in more ways than one. For the first look, try tucking the bottom in a pair of jeans and wearing your gown as a top. Or, if your dress is long, try wearing a different top over it so that it looks like a skirt. These may only work with fitted dresses like a body con dress, but it gives you three outfits! So definitely try this tip out. 

Wear a belt

If you have a looser dress that is flowy or maybe does not fit you well, you can try using a belt at the waist. It will pull you in the waist, making you look slimmer and more flattering, plus it makes you look more proportionate. Using a belt is an excellent way to make bigger or looser dresses look super good on your body type. 

Ending thoughts 

As discussed, these are a few tips to make your dress look completely different. It will almost look like you bought other dresses. Make sure you try these out.