There is certainly some mystery behind the pieces of jewellery. It is therefore clear that the heart of the ocean is there. It is without a doubt that if the tragedy of the sinking of the Titanic ship hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have heard anything like the bluestone necklace. After the film on the Titanic ship was released in 1997, the bluestone necklace became a thrill to many individuals. The bluestone necklace employed in the film is not the actual necklace: it was created for the need of the film. Spielberd could have gone after the design of a famous jewel, but decided instead to order a design specially for the movie. This practice created a kind of urban legend, where some are convinced that the heart of the ocean is an antique jewel, while some other are convinced that the jewel is nothing more than a plastic prop. Truth is, neither of those are true. The Heart of the Ocean is legit piece, with a real stone, made by a real jeweler. But it was commissioned for the movie. This is the official version, but some people are not sold on it. A saphire of this size isn’t easy to find, and is really expensive. Some people believe that the Heart of the Ocean is recut of another jewel, maybe a stolen one, and that using it in a movie was a perfect way to hide it in plain side. And nowadays, you can find some heart of the ocean replica, that are very convincing. The bluestone necklace is said to have many untold secrets, which I will briefly discuss. The story of the heart of the ocean is fictional and is attributed to an actual love story that happens on the Titanic ship.

The Fiction at the Service of History

In a film that was produced by James Cameron, unbridled passions and certain icon components like romanticism, passion, and eternal love are told. All the features of the film help us visualize both the dream and nightmares that Jack experienced when pursuing Rose until their last moments. The bluestone necklace is considered a symbol of their love story. These gave more reason for the making of the heart of the ocean replica. In his greatest of roles, Leonardo Di Caprio showed us that whoever showcased his brilliance and it stunned us, as much as Kate Winslet would be deemed, as the most resented woman of all time. If you have watched the film, the soundtrack by Celine Dion will reverberate in your head. The soundtrack induces sadness at the ending of the film.

Has the Blue Stone Necklace Ever Existed?

Certain things are still unclear, for instance, if the jewellery was given to Rose while on the ship or its existence is fictional. The origin of the heart of the ocean, has been associated with the hope diamond which was owned by King Louis XVI. The fictional heart of the ocean was collected by a collector called Henri Hope in the 19th century. The famous piece of jewellery is the replica, is carved from Sapphire. At the Oscars of 1998, Gloria Stuart wore it. Gloria Stuart was playing the role of Rose in the Titanic film. Many different jewellers have created replicas of the bluestone necklace, some of which have become worth millions of dollars. James Cameron, in his film, employed a white gold jewel. Many people have also been asking the meaning of the heart of the ocean. It is used for different roles like
• It is used as a symbol of power and submission when the necklace is restrained which makes Rose someone’s property.
• It is used to link two worlds that of Rose and that of Jack
• It has been used in a leading role that brings Jack and Rose together before making love to her.

The replica is used as a symbol by many people to tell the touching story of Jack and Rose. You can do feel this story by purchasing an official replica of the These will help you appreciate their story. The bluestone necklace will have a precious medallion and will have zirconium oxide enclosing it, to make it be flawless.