If you love running but find it hard to do because of an old running shoe, the New Balance 327 is a famous sneaker for women and could be what you need. It’s beautiful, sleek, and flexible and gives you midsole balance without stiffness on your heels. Learn about the features of the running shoe and how to maintain your New Balance 327 to keep it new and longer lasting.

New Balance 327 Moonbeam/Outerspace Sneakers

New Balance 327 (WS327KB) is a famous sneaker for women and a running shoe that continues to gain prominence in the market. As a lady who loves comfort and style, get your New Balance 327 Moonbeam now. Moonbeam and Outerspace colors are the most favorite ones for women.

The New Balance 327 features a large N design that distinguishes it from other sneakers. It is lightweight and you can match it with your skirts, pants, dress, jeans, and casual attires. The sneaker comes with a synthetic upper with a magnified fang design, haired suede textile upper with a spread midsole that compresses below your foot; giving it maximum protection as you run or move around.

The New Balance 327 sneakers give the 1970s running shoes a modern look and are at the apex of the skillfulness that created the 320, 355, and Super comp. Additional features are lugged outsole for enhanced stability, rubber heel wrap-around for flexibility and convenience, fashionable nylon tongue, and split eye line.

Tips to Maintain Your New Balance 327 Ladies Sneakers

Now that you obtained the New Balance 327, maintain it perfectly and keep it new and shining. The sneaker has a suede textile upper. Follow the steps below to clean it.

Step 1

First, remove the shoelaces for cleaning later. Next, gently use a dry brush to clean the grime on the sneakers. For the following step, you will need to buy a dry brush, a premium brush, and sneakers cleaning substance and odor remover from a local hardware store.

Step 2

Take the sneakers cleaning solution and carefully spray the substance on the Suede adornment. Don’t overdo the scouring to avert spoiling the yarn. Now, take the dry brush to scrub the Suede in one direction and remove any grime. To avoid color bleeding, gently clean the Suede. Also, spray the cleaning substance on the sneaker uppers.

Pour water into a small plastic bowl, pick a superior brush, and immerse it in water. Then pick the brush up and scrub the sneaker uppers with a circular movement. That action works up a lather, and the dirt will start to lift.

Step 3

Use a similar process as above to clean the sole of the sneaker. If there is any tough dirt, exert more energy to scrub it. After cleaning the sneakers, put them apart to dry.

Step 4

Cup your hand and put the laces inside. Next, take the sneaker solution and spray it on the laces. Then scrub them with both palms. After scouring them, immerse the laces in water to rinse them. Finally, wring the laces and putting them apart to dry.

Step 5

To make the sneakers odor-free and have a fresh fragrance, spray odor remover solution into the innersole and inside the sneakers. That solution shields your sneakers from grime and makes their cleaning simpler next time.