Counter Change Smocking Book and Plates

Counterchange Smocking by Ann Hallay

This is the definitive manual on how to do counterchange smocking which evolved from North American Smocking or Gingham Smocking.  This technique DOES NOT require a pleater, just striped fabric or fabric that alludes to stripes, YEAH!!!!!  

Ann has taken the art form of counterchange smocking into a new realm of creativity.  All the designs that you have seen in Australian Smocking have been inspired by Ann's designs and effort as she was the one who brought this technique to the public's eye as well as bringing it to a higher creative evolution.  Booklet includes instructions along with a design plate (image shown).

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Ann Hallay Counterchange Smocking Plates

Counterchange in AS&E - These issues contain Counterchange Patterns and Designs

Australian Smocking #27

  • Free Spirit Pinafore & Blouse
  • Classic Yoke Dress
  • Tartan Bishop Dress w/Matching Hat
  • Divine Round Yoke Dress with Heavenly Embroidery plus Shadow Work
  • Smocked and Appliqued Knickerbockers;
  • Claudia a yoke dress for a 20" porcelain doll;
  • Viola - nightgown for adults;
  • Divine Cherubs to Embroider in Satin stitch and bullions and Shadowwork embroidery designs.
  • A counterchange girls sundress.
  • Baby's daygown
  • Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Basic Yoke Dress
  • 3-Full-Size Easy Patterns for Holiday Sewing
  • Sundress or Pinafore

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Australian Smocking & Embroidery #56 - Glorious Smocking

  • Joshua - Long sleeve top with picture smocking insert.  Sizes 18mos - 4 yrs

  • Maddie - Casual overshirt with counterchange smocking Sizes 4 - 10 yrs

  • Celia - Special occasion dress w/full bodice smocking decorated with dainty flowers - Sizes 4-6 yrs

  • Alice - Intricately smocked and embroidered dress in the square yoke tradition - Sizes 2-4

  • Alexandria - Lace trimmed demure coatdress with smocked and embroidered skirt - Sizes 5-8 yrs

  • Mimi- Eye catching outfit of smocked top and vivid floral three quarter pants - Sizes 2-4 yrs

  • Sarah - Traditional square yoke dress smocked & embroidered w/dainty flowers - Sizes 3-6 yrs

  • Deanna - Classic white pique' shirt with smocked front yokes. Ladies - 10-16

  • Morgan - Gingham bishop dress & knickers trimmed w/ white cotton lace - 6-18 mos

  • Step by Step Photographs for: replacing a pleater needle in the middle of pleating, transferring the design, Beaded flowers, Counterchange smocking, Beaded four step trellis, Single & double Van Dyke stitch

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A to Z of Smocking by the publishers of AS&E

From the publishers of Australian Smocking & Embroidery, the long awaited 'A to Z Smocking Stitches" $35.00.

Taken from the pages of AS&E this book fulfills the promise of the other books in the A to Z series with every smocking stitch imaginable in full color and diagrams. Each stitch is carefully explained and detailed so there is no confusion as to how to work it. Also included are sections on beginning smocking, smocking terms, starting and stopping, pleaters and preparation of fabric for smocking, backsmocking instructions, blocking and shaping bishops and basic yoke dresses, gosh everything imaginable on the subject of smocking is covered in this great book.

This is THE book to get to learn how to do bullions on pleats.  Included over 1,000 fabulous step-by-step color photographs on just about every topic on smocking imaginable.

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Starting & Finishing a Thread
Smocking Terms
Accent Stitches
Back Stitch
Background Smocking
Bargello Smocking
Beads in Smocking
Bishop Garments
Blocking and Shaping
Bullion Knot
Buttonholes in Pleats
Cable Stitch
Centering Designs
Chain Stitch
Colonial Knot
Colour Combinations
Counterchange Smocking
Crossover Smocking
Design Graphs
Detached Chain
Diagonal Smocking
Dolls, Smocking for
Embroidery on Smocking
English Smocking
Fabric Manipulation
Feather Stitch
Fly Stitch
Freeform Smocking
French Knot
Herringbone Stitch
Honeycomb Stitch
Horizontal Smocking
Jigsaw Smocking
Knits, Smocking on
Laundering Smocking
Left Handers
Mirror Image Rows
Outline Stitch
Picture Smocking
Pistil Stitch
Plaid Smocking
Preparation and pleating    
Prints, smocking on
Raised Lattice Stitch
Ribbon Smocking with ribbon weaving
Round Yoke Garments
Satin Stitch
Seed Stitch
Sheaf Stitch
Square Yoke Garments
Star Stitch
Stem Stitch
Straight Stitch
Stripes, Smocking on
Tartans, Smocking on
Template Smocking
Traditional Smocking
Trailing Vine
Trellis Stitch
Van Dyke Stitch
Vertical Ladder Stitch
Vertical Smocking
Wave Stitch
Wheat Stitch
Zigzag Stitch


And of course Ann Hallay Counterchange Designs on this page

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