"Christening Gown Patterns"

The christening of your baby can be the first most important event of their life, and because we know you want it to be special we have created this section to help you choose the right pattern, fabric and laces to make your garment and heirloom for this and future generations.  If you wish to order everything at once, pick out a pattern you like and the fabric you like and we will figure out the yardage and the cost for you and send it to you.  We try to be extremely helpful and wish to assist you in every way we can.  Let us know your needs and we will try to help you.

Karen Faylor Designs

KF04 Geneva Baby Daygowns Infant-6mo

Two wonderful baby daygowns by Jane Soffos from the 1980's redesigned for 2010 by Karen Faylor. The bishop daygown includes a christening gown pattern, as well. Traditional bishop styling or area for embroidery or embroidered tab front. The square yoke daygown is smocked on front and back. Also includes square yoke dress and christening gown. Embroidery designs, smocking plate included. Fits size Infant to 6mo.

Price $15.00
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Kathy Awender Patterns

Isabella Christening Gown, sz Infant - 6mo - $14.00

A precious Swiss batiste with dotted Swiss insets on the bodice, sleeves and skirt side fronts. The dotted Swiss is framed with scalloped lace insertion. The center front panel has a hand-embroidred design which incorporates a shadow work bow, vines in feather stitch and stem stitch, lazy daisy leaves and flowers, granitos and tiny insert lace arcs. The dress is finished with lace ruffles at the neckline, bodice scallops, sleeves and hem.

Price $14.00
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Meco Modes from Australia

MM#4 Elizabeth - Newborn to 12mos

Square yoke style Christening ensemble, comprised of a bonnet, petticoat and glorious short-sleeved gown.

Edging lace of differing widths, either gathered into a frill or attached flat, finishes the gown neckline, hem and the lower edge of the sleeves.  The bonnet freatures a flat brim, trimmed with narrow edging lace.

Includes: Heirloom Sewing by Machine instructions and template for skirt hem panel on the gown (plus embroidery designs) and detailed embroidery designs for the gown yoke and bonnet brim.

Price $17.00
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CE Layette

The perfect collection for newborns through 6mos.  Includes a christening gown, slip, bonnet, blanket, bib, ragland daygown, kimono jacket, vest & romper.  Featuring JG Rabbit designs for embroidery, cross-stitch, applique & smocking.

Price $12.00
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Beautiful Baby Blankets - $12.00

A custom made blanket is a great sewing project, useful item, and always an appreciated gift, but you won't be able to stop with just one blanket when you read this 10-page booklet filled with instructions, illustrations, and creative ideas for transforming a plain piece of fabric into a treasured keepsake. Two methods for edging fabric with a variety of bindings are meticulously detailed. Booklet also includes 3 embroidered blanket projects ranging from fancy to fun with designs and instructions, plus a great alphabet for monogramming.

Price $12.00
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Primrose Lane

Click on image to see back of pattern

PL The Tiffany Christening Gown, Slip, Bonnet & Dress - Nb - 6mo

A very sweet, & elegant Christening gown, slip and bonnet and very special heirloom sewn dress!   Pattern includes smocking design, all embroidery designs and a shadow embroidered monogram alphabet. Smocking is optional.

Price $11.00
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Creations by Miche'

Click on image for back view and yardage info

CM#112 Boy's Christening Gown - 3mo - 12 mo

Perfect christening gown for boys, soft front and back pleats, choice of three heirloom collars and 3/4 length sleeves.  Gown may be made plain for a tailored look, or dressed up with lace insertion and embroidery.  Embroidery designs and slip pattern are included.

Price $12.00
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Wendy Schoen - Petite Poche'

Sweet William Infant - 6mos

This pattern contains an infant sized, baby bunting with drawstring bottom or baby sleeper with lace edging, an embroidered applique' design, an embroidery lesson, and detailed instructions.

Price $12.00
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WS#15 Le Petite Enfant

Sizes: 6-18 months
Christening gown and Bonnet

Delicate and sweet comes with an inventive bonnet to add in a flair of class.  Embroidery designs are included as well as great instructions.

Price $12.00
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WS#20 Be'Be'$12.00

Size 3-18 months

A smocked baby bunting that buttons down
the front and ties at the bottom with ribbon.
Scalloped collar is included as well
as an embroidery and smocking design.

Price $12.00
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B & B BluePrints

BB#139 Christening Ensemble I - Sizes 3mo - 24 mo

Consists of a Christening Gown, Slip and Bonnet. The front bodice of the christening dress can be smocked with the included design before attaching to the gathered skirt. The bonnet can later be used as a handkerchief. Three sleeves are included: a smocked sleeve and two gathered sleves with different fullness. A template for a scalloped hem edge is also included.

Price $12.00
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BB#140 Christening Ensemble II - Sizes 3 mo - 24 mo

CHRISTENING ENSEMBLE II consists of a princess style gown, slip, blanket and bonnet. The center front and center back panels of the skirt are A-lined and are suitable for heirloom sewing. The skirt side panels are gathered. The skirt bottom can be finished with a lace or self fabric ruffle. Two gathered sleeves with different fullness are included. The blanket has a hood on one corner to cover the child's head. The bonnet can later be used as a handkerchief.

Price $12.00
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BB#149 Christening Ensemble III - Sizes 3mo - 24 mos

Consists of a christening dress, slip, blanket and bonnet. The front of the christening dress is one piece which is smocked in the bodice area. The gown neckline can be finished with a peter pan collar or lace edging. Three sleeves are included: a smocked sleeve and two gathered sleeves with different fullness. A template for a scalloped hem edge is also included. The blanket has a hood on one corner to cover the child's head. The bonnet can later be used as a handkerchief.

Price $12.00
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BB#160 Christening Ensemble IV - Sizes 3mos - 24 mos

This pattern consists of a princess style christening dress with a center front bodice that is smocked (smocking instructions included), slip, blanket and bonnet. A gathered sleeve and a smocked sleeve are included. The blanket has a hood on one corner to cover the child's head. The bonnet can be used later as a handkerchief.

Price $12.00
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BB#165 Christening Ensemble V - Sizes 3mos - 24mos

This lovely pattern consists of a christening dress, slip, blanket and bonnet. The gown, which buttons down the front, has insertion from the shoulder to the hem on both sides of the front. Pleats in the center back and on both sides of the insertion add fullness. The gown neckline can be finished with a Peter Pan collar or lace edging. The gathered sleeve can be made with insertion. The blanket has a hood on one corner to cover the child's head. The bonnet can later be used as a handkerchief.

Price $12.00
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More Design Companies

CW#108 Lacy Christening Gown/Bonnet & Slip - Premie - 1 yr

Beautiful bishop gown with lace inserts that separates the smocking into sections of gores with scallops at the hemline. Also includes bonnet and slip pattern. Very easy to make, not as hard as it looks. Two lengths to choose from

Price $14.00
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More Chery Williams Patterns

GK#01 Baby Boy's Smocked Bonnet

Smocked Insert in top of bonnet
Newborn to 11 pounds

Price $9.00
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Sandy Hunter Christening Gown $8.00

This is the simplest gown we have in stock. With an elegant 'V' formation of lace insertion down the front which ends at the hem. Lace insertion finishes off the hem with gathered edging. There is also a short dress version for baby's special occasion.

Price $8.00
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Patricia Moore

PM#01 The Handkerchief Bonnet Trio

A pattern featuring three styles of baby bonnets made from handkerchiefs. Traditionally known as the "from baby to bride" type bonnet. Includes a poem cleverly explaining the dual use of handkerchiefs as bonnets, as well as, future wedding handkerchiefs

Price $8.00
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Old Fashioned Baby

Here's a small taste of her patterns, click on link below to see more bonnets and baby things to make

OFB#23 Raglan Christening Gown - Infant 7-18 lbs

Truly elegant gowns designed to have a finished length of 27", with easy fitting Raglan sleeve style. Also includes patterns for slip and bonnet.

Price $12.00
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OFB#17 Baby Bonnets II - Infant-12 months - Boy or Girl

A collection of four exquisite Bonnets which complement patterns "Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection" and "Baby Daydresses", they feature the classic cap style with a set in crown. Baby Bonnets Package Two is a welcome addition to this Baby Pattern collection. These adorable bonnets for boy or girl baby will be the pride of every Mother! All are lined and have a variety of embellished brims.
  • View I is a sweet little bonnet perfect for baby boy with piped details on the brim and crown. The Shadow Embroidered duck matches the Baby Daygown in the pattern "Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection".
  • View 2 is a classic bonnet for boy or girl baby. It features an embroidered brim trimmed with baby tatting. The bonnet matches the Classic Daygown from the pattern "Sweet & Simple Baby Daygown Collection".
  • View 3 is a ruffly little bonnet, adorned with lace and sweetly embroidered inside each scallop. The perfect bonnet for dressing up! It goes very nicely with the new "Baby Daydresses "pattern.
  • View 4 is a beautiful little bonnet featuring lovely embroidery on the brim and crown and is embellished with lace edging. The embroidery on this bonnet matches View 3 Daydress in the pattern "Baby Daydresses" and complements the other Daydresses as well.

Four styles of bonnets with embroidery designs included.

Price $12.00
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OFB#16 Christening Bonnet Collection

The Christening Bonnet Collection has something for every baby.
  • The Swiss Eyelet Bonnet (View 1) is as easy as pie to make. Purchase Swiss Eyelet or Swiss Netting and you have a lovely Christening Bonnet with a minimum fuss! The bonnet ties in the back which makes it adjustable too.
  • The easy Lace Bonnet (View 2) is made in the same quick manner and uses little pieces of treasured lace for the bonnet or you can purchase lace. They both have construction details that make this a special little bonnet.
  • The Whitework Bonnet (View 3) is a treasure from days past when women prided themselves on their accomplishment of these whitework stitches which were some of the traditional stitches used on baby garments (French Eyelet, Open Eyelet and Featherstitch). It is a beautiful classic bonnet, with a set in crown and fabric ties.
  • The Lace and Ribbon Bonnet (Views 4 & 5) is an exquisite little bonnet made from Silk Satin Ribbon and French Lace. The materials make it luxurious and the style is classic.
  • There is a tailored version for baby boy and a ruffled one for baby girl, both lined with silk.

A perfect collection of elegant Christening Bonnets

Price $12.00
Quantity requested    

OFB#02 Baby Bonnets - Infants - 12 mos

A collection of five beautiful bonnets including Hanky Bonnet with Poem, "T"-Bonnet, Lacy Christening Bonnet, Little French Bonnet and Baby Boy Cap with Scalloped Brim and a chin strap.
  • The Lacy Peek a Boo is a T - Shape that ties together with ribbon.
  • The Hanky Bonnet is designed for baby to wear and then later when he/she marries, it can be made back into a hanky to be carried down the isle by the bride. It comes with an embroidery design, poem and instructions for pin stitching. NEW!! Shadow Embroidery design for the Hanky Bonnet. Revised Stitch Instructions.
  • Antique Christening Bonnet is fashioned after a bonnet made in the 1920's. It has lace insertion alternating with embroidery, and has fabric ties.
  • The Little French Bonnet is a quick and easy version of an old favorite.
  • The Little Scalloped Cap is perfect for a little boy as it lined and has a chin strap. A touch of embroidery sets it off.

Price $12.00
Quantity requested    

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Diane Jensen - Baby Booties

Smocked Toe Booties

Such a cute little pattern.  Perfectly easy shoes to smock up for the baby in your life or make them up as baby shower gifts.  Sizes Newborn to 6 months

Price $7.00
Quantity requested    

Silk Ribbon Booties

A delightful pattern for Baby Booties.  Comes with  easy to follow  instructions for making the little shoes as well as designs for silk ribbon embroidery.

Price $7.00
Quantity requested    

LBJ - Every Mother's Pride Smocked Bonnet

Every Mother's Pride - Smocked Bonnet

Just back for a return engagement is a wonderful smocked bonnet pattern for boys and girls sized 6-24 mos. Included is a cap and bonnet with two smocking designs. Every Mother's Pride by LBJ Designs $7.00, has been around since 1985 but it just goes to show you a good idea can't be kept down.

Price $7.00
Quantity requested    

MORE Christening Gowns, Books & Patterns

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